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Hi. I'm Joe-
There's a possibility that if you're on WikiSpace; I'm in your English class!
Don't get your hopes up though...

I love to sing, write songs, play guitar, and perform for people.
-it's kind of my passion.
I was originally born in the U.K,(formerly known as Great Britain), in Wiltshire, England.
And yes; I do still have a bit of an accent. ;)
I have a twin sister and an older brother.
My sister's name in Sinéad. (you might know her)

these. are.beach.colors.


My favorite color is a certain shade of blue.
A bit of a turquoisey, light, vibrant blue.
But I like all the primaries, and the beach colors.
​My favorite foods are Mexican, American, and Italian.
My favorite movie is...
I don't have a favorite. I tend to have favorite based on what I've seen recently...
Sooo...lately it's Zombieland.
My favorite music...well here's the thing;
I like a little bit of everything, but I mainly listen to Pop Punk/Alternative/Rock.
My favorite bands are All Time Low, Mayday Parade, and Green Day (Old&New).
I'm also in a band called Between The Avenue.
Check us out! :)


A handsome moment on the beach...
This is a video of me performing a song I wrote entitled Calling (801).

A not so handsome moment on the beach...

Something to laugh at. ;) Proceed to rofl...