Chips Ahoy! [Haiku]
Cookies are the best.
Bubbles rise to the surface-
As they drown in milk.

Dear; Santa [Other poem of choice]
When it comes to spreading cheer
Santa Clause is on top of the pro's
He rides around in a big old sleigh
But it's not elves you's 'ho's
Santa Clause isn't too small
He's kinda let himself go
Has he been skipping my oatmeal cookies?
Kringle, what the heck, bro?

Dedication Poem
To Garrett Turner

For talking to me when I was upset.
For being there for me when I needed it most.
For making me laugh when the class we were in was so boring.
I truely appreciate you as my friend.
I quite personally think that we should freestyle some lyrics
in my basement more often.
Whether it's a serious topic or not
We always manage to find the best in it.
Thanks man...

Waay Too Many Cats [Rhythm poem]
Their hair
Gets everywhere
All over my clothes
Where ever it'll go
They run
Are a little fun
They're neurotic
And hide in the attic
They are fat
And annoying

The Flood [Flash Fiction]
Master Chief turned around only to find that he was being chased by and ocean of those little annoying green floods. There was no escape.
In front of him stood another army are fully grown flood. He had no choice but to start throwing plasmas at them. Stick by stick, the flood went down and Chief was able to see the opening at the end of the tunnel.
The groans and screams of the army of flood were falling upon him. He knew he had to get out quick, but who was to say that out of the end of the tunnel that there would be no flood or something to jump onto.
"Chief! Come in!" Sergent Johnson said. "We've got the Pelican, but we can't find a landing zone. 'Fraid you're gonna have to jump in."
"Okay. We're in the northeastern side of Gravemind. Top floor." Said Cortana.
"We can get there, but it'll take us about 15 minutes to get through."
Chief stopped and turned around and started unloading fire upon the conquering army of flood still chasing him. Flood after flood hit the floor, but they carried on regenerating. He managed to hold a good distance from them.
Click. Chief was out of ammo. He had no choice but to run to the light.
"Almost there Chief. About 10 more seconds."
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3...Chief threw himself out of the end of the tunnel...