My Dream House


We’ve all seen MTV Cribs and all those cool gadgets they have in their houses, so I tend to get all sorts of ideas of what I want in my house. I highly doubt I’ll ever have a house like this, but it’s good to fantasize every now and again, right? ;)
If I could have anything in my house that I wanted, I would- well let me explain my reasoning first. I’ve always had a fascination with fish and marine life and if music doesn’t work out in my future, then I’m planning on being a marine biologist. Anyway, the first thing I would get is a pretty large full functioning aquarium. I would have two different areas. One would be a huge salt-water tank filled with all sorts of sea critters like sharks, stingrays, eels, etc. I would also have a fresh-water tank filled with all sorts of fresh water animals like turtles, salamanders, fish, etc. I just find aquariums to be beautiful things in homes. I have two newts called Ralph and Chio.

Like I mentioned in my last paragraph, I want to be a musician when I grow up. So I obviously have an interest in music. That being the case, I would have a recording studio or two in the house somewhere, both of them having all the top of the line equipment so I could do proper recordings. I think that would be so cool to have in the house. That way I wouldn’t have to pay for studio time, or anything. I would get to just do my own thing in my own studio. I would also have a room in the house, sort of like the studio, where all of my instruments would be so I could play them. I could do that or I could just have a venue somewhere in my house, again with all the top of the line equipment, so I could jam with my band members, put on shows, or whatever my desire. The back room would have all my instruments to play when I’m not feeling up to snuff.

Unlike all the celebrities, I wouldn’t put TVs everywhere and anywhere. I would have TVs, but I don’t see the need for twenty-three and a half of them. I would have a serious gaming studio, and a serious movie watching theater room. So when it’s movie night at my house? It’s movie night. Everyone shows up in their favorite PJs and brings their favorite snack. No complaints. All the seats would be LoveSacks. Everyone has their own, unless they want to share. I mean, who doesn’t love LoveSacks? There would be a big rack in the corner with blankets on so that no one gets cold and so everyone reaches their climax of personal comfort. I guess you could call me considerate.

Then I suppose I would have a pool and a Jacuzzi and all that jazz. What’s a dream house without the danger of drowning, right? We all have to make sacrifices…I think having trap doors would be pretty cool to have. They would all lead to different playhouses. You have to, don’t you? Everyone wants to be a kid, but not everyone wants anyone knowing. Call me immature, but I’m just looking out for the astonished passer by’s best interests.

The master bedroom would be a pretty cool one. I’ve got no specific ideas for it. All ‘master bedroom’s are pretty awesome usually. I’ll let my wife decide. I’ll trust her opinion if she’s not psychotic. That’s my dream home. I’m still thinking of bathroom ideas.


Love-sac attack!