Abstract: A List of Nothing in Particular
A List of Nothing in Particular is about this man traveling to a desert in Texas and him practically commenting on or saying exactly what he sees. It seems like he likes to describe things in exact detail, and make a lot of similes and analogies. He has a different eye for things and different terms for a lot of things, which are sometimes difficult to understand and require quite a bit of thought (or imagination if you’re still uncertain). For example: I haven’t the slightest idea what a ‘Pancho Villa’ mustache looks like. I have an idea, but that’s only because the article took place in Texas’ desert.
It starts out; he’s sitting atop a plateau looking out across the desert naming things that he sees. He then moves down to the desert floor and describes that a little bit. The sky then began to change its outfit from a clear sky blue to a dark ominous black. While describing the dark, he is driving. There are ‘phantom’ deer that run to the desert willows whose eyes light up like flames. He then finds an old Texan café made from adobe and finds 3 men who could be different visions of ‘the West’.

Contextual Connection: A List of Nothing in Particular
To be completely honest, I thought reading that article was totally pointless and I got more bored the more I read it. I think if you’re going to be in a desert, film it. Describing what seems to be ‘nothing’ is incredibly boring. I dozed off a few times while reading it and unfortunately, I had to read it again. I think being in Texas’ desert is something you should experience or something you should be able to see. You can describe the desert over and over again to me and not much comes to mind but few cacti, and a small winding road that leads to nowhere.
I know you’re thinking, “If it’s so boring, why go there?” because like I said before, it’s one of those things that is much better experienced.