Abstract: Jim Crow Is Watching
The article Jim Crow Is Watching is a piece about how from the late 1800s up until about the mid 1900s, black people were still treated as badly as they always were. The only difference was that they were not working for the white men, or were even permitted to work in the same room as him/her.
Even though laws were in place, there were corrupt politicians and racist organizations (some of which these politicians belonged to) that began to change laws back or re-write them to say that instead of having all the normal rights to that of a white man, they were to have little to no rights. This ‘system’ was known as the ‘Jim Crow’ system.

Contextual Connection: Jim Crow Is Watching

Quite frankly, I hate reading about things like this because I don’t see why people hated others of different ethnicities so much. Why does color matter so much? I know that today everyone is equal, but why all the bloodshed and tears back then? I that it was a different time, but it seems like the white man is always picking on someone.
If we had so many problems with color, then why were we allowed in the sun? We know what happens when we go out in the sun.